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plumbing services

All Connected Plumbing have a substantial depth of knowledge and have 20 years experience and ongoing product training across every area of plumbing services.

We can take care of everything from replacing tap washers, shower cartridges to refurbishing and re-designing kitchens and bathrooms installations.

Our plumbing services also include fixing low water pressure issues, shower pump faults, electric shower faults, and work on pumps and valves for heating systems.


Arrive at the arranged time or keep you informed of any delays

Explain what the problem is and how we intend to fix it

Treat your property with respect, leaving it in as clean and tidy a state as possible

Provide you with all replaced or removed parts from your system

Charge honest prices and only for the work which needs to be carried out



Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing Emergencies and how to prevent them

Leaks and floods…

If hot or cold water starts flooding out of any pipework, then turn off your stopcock immediately (clockwise).

The stopcock won’t instantly stop the leak is fed by a cold-water tank in the loft or from a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard. However, look out for other stopcocks or valves near the bottom of the tank or the top of the cylinder and try to turn them off. (Remember which ones you turn off so you can turn them on again later).

As well as standard stopcocks, other common valves are the gate valve, ballafix and lever valve.

Gate valves turn off clockwise (it takes many turns – be careful as the wheel has a habit of tearing off if treated roughly). Ballafixes are turned off using a screwdriver to rotate the screw on the front 90º so that the screw is across the pipe. Lever valves are turned off by twisting the lever 90º so that the lever is across to the pipe.

Toilets and basins often have their own valve nearby so you won’t have to turn off the water to the whole building.

If the ceiling starts to bulge then put a hole in it with a broom handle to prevent the weight of the water bringing it down on your head, then collect the water in a bucket.

If you need to empty your tank in a hurry, then turn off the mains water at the stopcock and run your bath taps – they normally have the thickest pipes. If you can’t find the main stopcock, then go into the loft and wedge the ballcock arm up using a stick or a piece of string – this will stop any more water entering the tank.

Don’t ever try to drain the tank via the cold tap in the kitchen sink as this is normally connected straight to the mains so not fed by the tank in the loft.

What to look for in a good plumber

It is very important to organise trades before you need them.

This way when water is coming through your ceiling you know the right person to call in an emergency. It’s important to speak to the company to find out what sort of qualifications the engineers have and to make sure they all have insurance.

Some companies will give a guarantee on all the work carried out this is very important to find out. Not all companies carry parts on board their vans so try to make sure that the company you choose does.

It is very important that though your plumber will understand the problem – that you do as well, in the end you are the one paying for the engineer’s time.

Showers – choosing a tray and door

There are three types of shower tray – steel, stone resin and acrylic.

Although acrylic are the cheapest and lightest in weight, they do have a tendency to move in situ. Stone resin are the most popular. They sometimes come with a tiling upstand, which helps prevent leakage. Steel shower trays tend to be used for the more higher-range flow rates because they come with a 90mm waste outlet thus helping to remove the waste water quicker.

There are many types of shower door – Acrylic, Glass, and these can be pivot, sliding, fixed, open-in, open-out.


When choosing a shower / shower door, spend as much of your budget as possible on these two items as this will ensure you minimise the risk of potential leaks around the door and poor performance of the shower valve.

If you are unsure of what features to look out for, or you need a plumber to install your shower, contact us on

07967 812111




plumbing services
plumbing services
plumbing services
plumbing services
plumbing services


Happy Customsers

Brilliant ! Efficient and professional . Great job



James originally came round to give us a quote for a new bathroom, but once I told him about the leak from the bath that was dripping through our ceiling meaning we couldn’t bath our child, he kindly took the time out of his schedule to diagnose and fix the problem for us in one visit. We’re massively grateful and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again if needed.



James responded to my telephone call quickly. Luckily for me he had had a cancellation and fitted me in this afternoon. He checked out the job, went and bought the parts required and returned quickly to complete the job. I’m so delighted to have found such a good plumber and a nice polite chap to boot. I would highly recommend him.



James was extremely friendly and helpful and honest. Investigated the issue thoroughly and advised us to contact Yorkshire Water to see if they could fix the issue before we spent any money. After we did this we contacted him to fit the pump and he did this very quickly. 10/10



James rang to say what time he would be here. Arrived on time and did an excellent job. The work took longer than expected but still charged me the quoted price. Cleaned up and checked everything before he left. Would definately recommend



Excellent, prompt service by a true professional plumber. Many Thanks To James. Top notch. A+++. Recommended.



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